What is Nippon Kempo?

Nippon Kempo is a scientific and practical combat sport. While it is not steeped in the usual martial dogma associated with most traditional martial art forms; it does retain in training, some of the traditional, spiritual and ceremonial aspects of the Japanese martial culture, which aid efficiency in training.

The Founder

The founder, Sawayama, studied numerous fighting forms and created a system that incorporated whatever was realistic and practical from each. In order to achieve maximum realism with minimum injury, he devised an unique armour, based on that used by Samurai. This armour enables contact sparring with little or no danger of serious injury. It was Sawayama's belief that contact sparring was a vital constituent in combat training. By experiencing a level of realistic combat, fear can be broken down and confidence and courage built.

Sawayama's System

The backbone to Sawayama's system is a series of techniques. By continual drill of these, a student is able to develop mobility, sharp timing, distancing and speed. The name Nippon Kempo does not denote a philosophy of combat. Literally translated from Japanese, it means - Japanese way of the Fist.

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